ClayStack 2022 achievements so far

4 min readSep 2, 2022


Hello crypto folks! Welcome to my article about ClayStack growth during 2022. You know, many impresive things happened with this first liquid staking protocol since year started and I’m absolutely sure it’s only beginning! Let’s go, hope you like my article :)

The origin

Everyone get bored about typical staking mechanisms, locking your crypto with no further use and unboanding periods… The faith in the bright future of staking was fading… And then, the staking hero named “ClayStack” appears to solve these problems!

ClayStack suggested things that had been missing in staking for so long time: 1:1 fungible derivatives that have use cases, multiblockchain support, no lock-up periods, no staking minimums… The faith has returned.

Achievements 2022

🌌Malawi 2nd testnet summuries

First couple of testnet days went a little bit slowly with few messages in Discord and Telegram. But then… Something amazing happened. Malawi testnet started in December and closed in February with southands of participants attracted. People communicated with each other to get invites and exchange testnet tokens, ClayStack socials got many new people…

Official Malawi statistics:

  • Users claimed tokens 566K+ times during the game
  • Over1M transactions in total in the game
  • On average, over 3,500 players were playing every day
  • Over 70,000 tokens were transferred

👩‍🚀 Victoria launch

The greatest and longest Victoria testnet started in February right after Malawi and continues to this day. A lot of new mechanisms like points, streaks and many interesting missions were added to Victoria. The team and ambassadors keep adding new interesting features and contests. For example, recently Diamonds were added to Victoria testnet. You can earn 1 Diamond each week by staking 100 csMatic in mainnet. Diamonds can turn into potentian reward in the future.


On March 16 ClayStack went mainnet. Every user was able to stake MATIC and receive 1:1 derivative csMATIC in Ethereum network. TVL at start was capped at $5M. A little bit later Polygon network became available too. The testnets I mentioned above made very good job and helped the ClayStack team to improve design, understand posible protocol weaknesses and eliminate them. What benefits csMATIC token will give and which DeFi protocols will support the token is still unknown. The team works hard on that and I believe it will be revealed soon and make us very happy.

💼Ambassador program

Applications for the first season of Ambassador program were opened in August 2021. First batch of ambassadors was selected in November of the same year. Second season ambassadors were selected in May. During all this time, especially since the beginning of thi year, Ambassador program actively improved and get better. It has very smart structure similar to DAO, it also named ClayClan.

Some of ClayStack ambassador program features(from season 2):

  • Four unique roles for all types of ambassadors
  • Enticing rewards system so ambassadors get rewarded for their contributions
  • A Council that makes crucial decisions for the program
  • All ambassadors have the liberty to vote in/out the Council members, as needed

❗ ️Right now ClayStack recruiting new ambassadors for season 3. If you interested in this perspective project like me, hurry up! The google form closing on September 5th.

The form for season 3 application:

Thanks for attending this article my dear reader :)

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